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Intelligent minds generally attend college. In an era of rap/hip-hop expanding the global field, rap artists from overseas tends to get overlooked because of the quantity that America is used to.

Most won’t know anything about Bermondsey, South London. With tons of bars and pubs in this town, Bermondsey also provides the Design Museum, the Scoop, and the Maltby Street Market for outside attraction.

“I’m originally from Southwark, south east London in the United Kingdom,” Johnathan Yesson said. “Living in central London has been a struggle because the area is very modern and living costs are expensive but I love London.”

Twenty six year old Yesson, known as DJ JY, turned a talent into reality by simply chasing his dreams & doing what he loved. He studied at Bacon’s College and worked as a website manager at a major power-tool company. Online marketing is what he specializes in and is a power tool expert.

Yesson started working with music at an early age and free-styling was an art that he showcased outside of working I.T. “Freestyling” is where someone improves words and displays it on a beat or without one. Music has always been within the blood of Yesson being known on Twitter, Keek, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and etc.

“I got into rapping the moment I first heard Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP which was the first album I ever listened to,” Yesson said. “From then on I knew I had to work towards becoming a rap artist. The best part about making music is hearing the feedback from listeners; it’s why I do this.”

Many artists are influenced by someone similar to their lifestyle or persona of specific genre that relates to most of the artists cases. For example, there are legends in the hip-hop game that most can compare based off parallel characteristics.

“Eminem is someone I look up to,” Yesson said. “I was raised listening to his music; he inspires me because he is a fantastic story teller and has complex rhymes. Other’s I look up to are Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, JME and a few other grime artists as I love to support other UK artists.”

With the great support of the UK movement, Yesson also understands that in order to get his national rotation on the spins one day means hard work has to come into play.

With dreams, there are a lot of hesitant minds in regards of chasing them. If you feel like you’re a better actor than Michael B. Jordan, then typically the best move is to show the world. Same goes with dreams of opening a business, being a doctor/lawyer, real estate agent, construction worker, along with profusely more careers as in music.

“My goal from making music is to be in national radio rotation which would be a dream come true,” Yesson said. “But honestly I just want people to hear me. I want to go out to America and test the water. I love American TV, music and culture. I’d like to take my music over there and share with the American audience.”

Rap is poetry.

Music is art.

With art and poetry underlines a true story within that musician’s life.

“As a child growing up was particularly difficult as I was raised by my single mother and I don’t know my dad,” Yesson said. “We never had much money and when I was younger I wanted to be a futbol (soccer) player but have recently changed focus. I have a half brother and sister both younger than me.”

Everyone loves the transition from a boy to man. Another example would be a girl to a woman. These are things the normal human pays attention to whether someone likes it or not. From I.T guy, to known UK artist, and the rest of the transition is put on hold until his next list of things planned.

“I’m currently working on my debut EP called “The Way Forward” which I will be releasing to iTunes in early 2016,” Yesson said. “It will be produced by Los Angeles based record label: Redstar Music Group owned by celebrity mentalist Morgan Strebler.”

You can expect some collaboration between DJ JY and a few other artists.

“2016 is going to be a busy year for me with new EP, singles and music videos,” Yesson said. 

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